The designation of Certified Church Facilities Manager (CCFM) is the only program designed to give a broad base of training to those with the responsibility of overseeing church facilities.  To be certified, you must be a member of the NACFM.  The certification process consists of three elements; training, a research paper, and continuing education.

1.      Training – Candidates attend two separate one week sessions of classes. You must attend both the spring and the fall week.

a.       The Spring CP is the first full week in May with classes like:

·        Event Management, Energy Management, Lighting 101, Church Security, Architectural 101, and HVAC Systems.


b.      The Fall CP is the first full week October with classes like:

·        Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control, Lighting Fixtures, Water Treatment, CAD, Janitorial needs and supplies, Mechanical 101, and Preventative 101.


2.      Research Paper/Test – The next part of the certification is writing a research paper regarding church facility management or taking a comprehensive test on church facilties management.  The paper will be accredited by a university professor of Facility Management.  When approved the paper will be made available on our web site for all the members to read and learn from.  The comprehensive test is administered annually at our national convention. Attending both sessions and approval of the research paper or passing the test designates you as a CCFM.

3.      Continuing Education – To maintain the CCFM designation, members are required to stay active in the NACFM and earn Continuing Ed points by being involved in either the local or national level of the organization.  


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