Facilities Manager

Position Title:
Facility Manager

Full-time or Part-time:
Full Time

Administration/ Operations

Job Overview:
The role of the Facilities Manager is to maintain the buildings and grounds of CLC, direct the facilities staff, and oversee the upkeep of any equipment and supplies necessary to maintain the facilities. The Facilities Manager is responsible for daily and weekly cleaning and setup schedules, determining and scheduling repairs, helping oversee renovation projects, and preparing for safety inspections. The CLC Facilities Manager reports directly to the Director of Operations with ultimate accountability to the Senior Pastor.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:
• High school diploma or equivalency, or demonstrated possession of the competencies necessary to perform the work.
• Managerial and/ or supervisor experience

Knowledge skills and abilities:
• Ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously.
• Ability to manage facilities projects that may consist of but are not limited to plumbing, HVAC, electrical, painting, construction, etc.
• Ability to work with external contractors to ensure successful project management
• Ability to communicate effectively with Directors/Pastors to provide guidance and recommendations on project plans and facility maintenance.
• Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, business contacts, and the general public.
• Show good judgment, integrity, take responsibility for your actions, and maintain a professional work ethic.

Preferred Qualifications:
• OSHA Training
• Related Degree or training in Facilities Management
• Experience working with contractors
• Experience doing or preparing for building inspections

About CLC:
Covenant Love Church is a Pastor-led and staff driven with board oversight. CLC staff members are considered leaders and therefore agree to adopt the following CLC core values:

1. People (take it personally) – We value people and believe that every interaction is an opportunity to love and serve them well. People are our priority.
2. Personal Growth (stay fit) – We value the spiritual health of our congregation, therefore your continual spiritual growth is vital.
3. Posture (remain open handed) – We value positive attitude of stewardship. We know that CLC and its ministries belong to God.
4. Partnership (collaborate) – We value unity in teamwork. We must work alongside each other to do all that God has called CLC to accomplish.
5. Productivity (make it better) – We value forward movement. While we realize the importance of maintaining what God has given us, we also strive to stay relevant and effective.
6. Presentation (be excellent) – We value excellence and believe that presentation is everything (first-time impression, as well as continual ministry). The truth of God’s Word can be offensive, nothing else should be.

Required Documents:
1. Completed Application Click HERE
2. Resume

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