Just Say Thank You

Honestly, I don’t believe there are two more valuable words in any language when combined that mean more than “Thank You.”

Saying thank you is the ultimate expression of appreciation without throwing in a bunch of overused adjectives.  Saying thank you says to the recipient their effort mattered to you.

Most of the time saying thank you comes easy as the result of an effort made benefits us in some way.  In those easy moments saying thank you should be an automatic reaction.  But…

What about times when we don’t benefit?  Those moments may not be quite as easy or automatic.

Saying thank you should not be result oriented but effort oriented.  It can be hard to want to say thank you when you receive no immediate benefit.  Limiting thank you to benefits only misses the point.

Lest you thank I am lecturing and calling you out you should know I had the concept said to me a good while back, and I needed to hear it.  Shortly after I had the sentiment driven home by an episode of “MASH.”  In the episode Major Houlihan lost her wedding ring and Hawkeye and BJ replaced it with a copy.  Major Houlihan thought for sure they were trying to have fun with her.  She was corrected by Klinger who told her they just simply wanted her to have her ring back and she should appreciate the effort.  She did, and even stated she liked the copy better, no doubt because of the effort.  That stuck with me.

Thank you is about the effort and not so much the result.

As easy or hard as it may be try thank you often.