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CCFM Details Requirements

   CCFM Details Requirements

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  • The certification program consists of attending two weeks of the Certification Program (CP) training; Session 1 and Session 2. (The order in which you attend is not important.)
  • Registration for CPs opens 2 months in advance look for links on website.
  • Both weeks need to be completed before completing your final step of either submitting a research paper or taking the CP exam (given each year at the National Conference).
  • You may work on your research paper during the (5 yr Max) process as long as you follow the Research Paper procedures and only submit it after completing both CP weeks.
  • Once all the steps are completed you will be awarded the designation of CCFM (Certified Church Facility Manager). Awards given our and recognized at National Conference.
  • Check with NACFM Director of Education prior to selection of your Research Paper Topic. Look through existing posted research papers to determine one not yet covered in Facilities Management Field.

Research Paper Guidelines Page / Link

A Research Paper is in lieu of taking the CCFM Exam at the National Conference once all CP Session 1 and Session 2 Courses have been completed.


Maintaining Your Certification Once Obtained Page / Link

In order to have the CCFM designation and maintain value to the organization; we want to be sure those with the designation stay actively involved in church facilities management. Certification will be valid for three (3) years.

If you have been a CCFM for over 3 years, would like to maintain your certification and did not receive a reminder to renew click this link to begin renewal process.

Questions?  All questions should be directed to the Director of Education at