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Certified Church Facilities Manager (CCFM) Certification Program (CP) Overview

Benefits of CCFM CP

  • Provides Professional Development and Continuing Education Training with material that includes advancements in the Facilities Profession important to facilities you manage and your future career in an employment field not provided by most colleges and accredited degree programs.

  • Cross functional skills, networking opportunities, and knowledge progression in a team environment with similar and like-minded professionals.

  • Completion requirements that validate your work experience and additional course work providing authentication for your credentials.

  • Encourages and supports the on-going development of the Church Facilities Management profession and the facilities management program at your current place of employment through encouragement, practical application and sharing of information.

  • CCFM designation can be used after your name or in title to indicate certification completion and status.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Member of National Association of Church Facilities Managers (NACFM) in good standing.

    • Membership requires:

      • Employed full / part-time / designated volunteer as staff member of a New Testament church, school, college, or university.  Their primary responsibility is facilities management.

      • Agree to share in the support and programs of the NACFM, and also agree to be governed by its Bylaws.

      • Are professing and practicing members of a New Testament church.

      • Shall agree to abide by the association’s Code of Ethics.

  • Completed the Training Courses  to include:

    • Session 1 of Training (min of 21 class time hours) 

    • Session 2 of Training (min of 28 class time hours)

  • Complete Research Paper or CCFM Exam

    • 5 years to complete initial Certification from first Session of Training attended to completion of Research Paper ready to be published or Written Exam currently offered at National Conference.  Research Paper Guidelines

Maintaining Certification

Certification will be valid for three (3) years. During this time CCFMs are required to earn a minimum of 120 maintenance points (Avg. 40 pts. / year) in at least three of the following categories:

  • Practice (60 pts Max) (Perform Church Facility management (20 pts. / yr full time, 10 pts. / yr part time)

  • Continuing Education (60 pts max) (Attend the NACFM annual Conference (15 pts. / yr), Attend other facility management seminars (one day = 3 pts., two days = 6 pts., three or more days = 10 pts.), Completing a facility management class from a degree grading institution (20 pts. / course completed)

  • Professional Involvement (80 pts max) (Pay NACFM annual dues by December 31st (10 pts./ yr), Attend local NACFM chapter meetings (5 pts. / mtg.  15 pts. / yr max), Membership in other professional facility management organizations (5 pts./ year / organization 10 pts / yr max, Holding a local or national leadership position in the NACFM (10 pts. / yr)

  • Development of the Profession (80 pts max) (Teaching an NACFM workshop (20 pts. / workshop, 60 pts maximum), Hosting a one week NACFM certification course (30 pts / week), Hosting an NACFM national conference (30 pts / conference), Working on an NACFM mission trip (30 pts / trip), Submitting a professional article to be published within the NACFM (10 pts / article), Being actively involved on the NACFM chat group (5 pts. / yr)

  • Renewal Fee at 3 yrs, currently $75 with online survey.

CCFM’s are encouraged to take full advantage of the benefits by, but not limited to:

  • Actively providing increased long term benefit to their current employer by implementing the lessons and professional skills learned and discussed at training and National Conference.

  • Applying the concepts and attitude of being and being a part of something bigger than yourself in your conduct as a Facilities Manager.

  • Inviting other local church facilities managers to join the NACFM.

  • Putting together a local chapter of church facilities managers that meets with regularity to encourage and share.

  • Signing up and preparing a lesson to teach a workshop at a local chapter or at the National Conference.



A101 Master Planning (Budgets / Maintenance Reserve / Capital)
A111 Building Envelope Design & Architecture
A207 Construction (General Contracting, building)
B102 Human Capital (HR / Contractors / Leading / Communication)
B104 Indoor Enviromental Quality (Cleanliness)
CF113 Sustainability / Green Campus / Lifecycle
CF209 Communication / Collaboration (Team Leadership)
CF210 Service Excellence (Qualtiy and Innovation)
OM103 Maintaining and Extending Equipment Life (PM program)
OM115 Conditioning Occupants and Meeting Spaces (HVAC)
OM206 Utility Management (Water, Gas, Sewer, Electric, Oil)
OM212 Technical Services (BAS, Lighting, Monitoring, water treatment)
OM214 Exterior Grounds / Landscaping / First Impressions
R105 Fire Prevention / Protection Systems
R208 Environmental Health and Safety (OSHA, SDS, Electrical Safety)
OM217 Building Tour
OM218 Round Table
R219 Security

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