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March 2019 NACFM News
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Find Your Garden

 Message from NACFM President Patrick Hart

Brothers and sisters, at the moment of this writing I am sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane. I feel as though I have been drinking from a fire hose for the past nine days as I have traveled throughout the Holy Land and Jordan with 79 other pilgrims from our church. What a blessing and honor to be with these folks as the history of God’s people comes alive.

I have seen many inspiring sights, learned many unexpected things, and gained valuable insights into the Gospel that were previously hidden from my view. It truly has been an emotional journey. Just this morning, I traveled into the ancient tunnels beneath the current street level alongside the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) of Old Jerusalem and descended down to the level of the street from the time of Christ. I actually walked where Jesus and his disciples would have walked throughout the city. We visited the site of the Pool of Bethesda where a young boy in our group read the passage in John 5 where Jesus healed the lame man. Our young reader had himself been miraculously healed of an issue that had left his legs with no feeling and made walking very few difficult. Doctors had been unable to diagnose the problem or find a solution, but it was not too challenging for the Great Physician.

Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him. – Luke 22:39

After Jesus finished this prayer; he left with his disciples and went across the Kidron Valley to a place where there was a garden. Judas, the traitor, knew where this place was, for Jesus had gone there often with his disciples. – John 18:1-2

The gospels say that Jesus spent quite a bit of time in this garden, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in reflection and prayer. Sitting here I can see why Jesus would want to come here; it is calming and peaceful and a perfect place for uninterrupted communion with His Father. While I can still hear the noise of traffic, that would not have been an issue for Jesus and His disciples. I, too, am taking a few moments to reflect and pray for each of you doing the Lord's work through the ministry of Facilities Management. The ministry that enables all other ministries of the church to bring the lost into relationship with their Shepherd.

Even amidst the ruins around me, the beauty of the Gospel and Christ’s love for me shines brightly! It is my prayer that someday each of you may be able to experience these same sights, but also, that the Lord would reveal these things to you in your own ministry and lives at home. Just as Jesus found a place to get away for reflection and prayer, my prayer is that each of you can find a place where you can disconnect to reflect, regroup, and refresh your relationship with Jesus. A place that will restore your spirit when everything around you seeks to break it down. I pray that you will find your garden and spend time there on a regular basis allowing you to return to your family and ministry refreshed.

In a few short months, we will be meeting in Spring, Texas for our annual National Conference. It is my hope that our time together will provide reflection and renewal for you as well as learning and encouragement. Registration is open now, just click this link: 2019 National Conference Registration.

I look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Patrick Hart

We think you'll like the schedule change for the 2019 Conference – Monday will be a travel day!

We've heard from many members that a Sunday departure for the conference is difficult. With that in mind, we've adjusted the schedule to add a little more ease to your travel. (See overview below.) Conference details and information on speakers will be highlighted in your April Newsletter.

  • Monday, June 17th - Arrival &Welcome Reception (6:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, June 18th - Educational Sessions 
  • Wednesday, June 19th - Educational Sessions, Breakouts & Trade Show
  • Thursday, June 20th - Member Meeting & Banquet


Painting in a Commercial Environment

There are multiple factors to consider when preparing to paint in a commercial facility. You will need to consider timing, preparation, application and product. While a church environment brings its own challenges, the factors remain the same. One additional consideration is whether you will be using your own team to do the painting or hiring a professional painter. Helpful Articles: “Planning, Preparing for Painting” and Five Simple Tips for Hiring a Professional Painter

Embracing Difficult Circumstances
When you think life is difficult, consider St. Patrick

When difficulty comes in our lives we are tempted to wonder if God is unaware or even cares. At sixteen Patrick was taken captive by barbarian Irish pirates and put into slavery for six years. Rather than question God’s goodness, Patrick became burdened for the people that kidnapped him and later returned as a missionary. His greatest difficulty led him to say…

Christ with me,
Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ in me,
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right,
Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down,
Christ when I sit down,
Christ when I arise,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

Continue Reading here.

Join us May 6-10, 2019 in Spring TX for Session 1 of two-part church facilities focused training that will help equip you for your role in facilities management. Already certified? Why not send your technicians? Get More information and register here.